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Maybe like a week ago i had to break up with my boyfriend…well ex now. I didn’t see the relationship going anywhere so why would continue to waste time being unhappy? See people on the outside looking in, mainly my friends, thought we were so cute together and that we were perfect for each other.

Yeah i thought so too. I thought maybe i could make it work and fix whatever it was that wasn’t making us the perfect couple. From previous relationships i should have known trying to fix the other person was never a good idea. He got annoyed by me constantly trying wake him up, even though he’d been sleeping all flucking day; which was one thing that pissed me off the most.

He sleeps and flucking works. I honestly didn’t think he had time for me, because i don’t want to sleep my life away…been there done that. I need someone who i can move forward with, not stay in the same moment forever. One day i went over to his place to hangout and talk and he slept and let me fall asleep. We slept for an additional 5 hrs.

I was so groggy and uncomfortable, i just got up and left without telling him and he didn’t even text or call to see why. I know guys aren’t mind readers and aren’t going to know when a girl is upset or pissed the fuck off, but damn if he just got up and left me i would be wondering where the fuck he went and why. I don’t know, i guess i was just tired of being the only one aware that we were in a relationship, so…i had to end it.

We talked for two months and were officially together for just one, so neither one of us took it hard. I guess it was before the breakup that was very stressful. Over thinking things, wondering if your making the right decision, because i know i’m one to not think at all and regret my decisions later on. But no, i don’t regret it this time, because we were always just meant to be friends.

Hopefully we can get back to what we were before we started dating. Its pretty hard for friends who have dated to get back to just being friends, but hopefully we can do it. But as busy and lazy as he was when we were together, i doubt he’d have time anyway.